Ohh guys i dont know how to say this...

A place for us to talk about the loss of a pet, even if not a ringneck. A place to grief and receive information and support from our family. Memorialize your pet by posting a picture and sharing information about your baby.

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Ohh guys i dont know how to say this...

Post by Milamber3790 »

I'm sorry but i can only tell you, theres no way i can actualy make you feel what i'm feeling right now. i realy and truly feel like jumping off the veranda.
Jaws is dead. He slipped through one of the windows and walked down onto the road. i found him at 11oclok in the midle of the street.
i knew this was going to happen. i killed the budgie, half a dozen mice, my cat and jetset got hit by a car cos i didnt pay any atention to him.
i should never have bought jaws. He'd probably be in a decent home right now, with a clean cage and lots of fruit to eat.
***** i'm crying again.
he looks awful.
he's split.
oh god i new this was gona happen.
im so sorry guys.
thought you aught to know, since you always like hearing bout him.
dont mind if you think im iresponsible. i agree. i only ever cleaned his cage once a month. when i got him he was fine but i'm such a loser he just got worse and worse. biting for no reason and going psico at me wen i tried to pat him.
I actualy had to trick him into leting me pat him. trick him!
anyway. i'm going to burry him in te garden, under the lichy tree or soething in a shoebox full of seads, and i think i'l rite something and put it in there too.
anyway, im not going to get another pet. mum wants to give toby to a friend anyway, so h'll get somewhere nice. if only jaws got that chance.
i probly wont be talking to any of you again ince Jaws is gone.
so thanks for all your help guys. if theres one bunch of peole that helped me keep him alive for this long it's all of you. and you dont know how grateful i am for that.
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Post by Lauren »

:cry: Oh darling, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you loved Jaws. Please don't beat yourself up about this. We are forever learning and bettering ourselves. Everyone makes mistakes. You've learned alot from him. Look at all the special times you had with Jaws. I'm sure he knew he was loved. Jaws is flying free now. *HUGS* :(
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Post by kyria »

Darlin , all I can say is I am so sorry. There is no blame to place, we all learn from life lessons. Some people just have more than others. I can tell you there are so many times I could have lost my pets to accidents. I nearly hung my lovebird. I guess I was just lucky that they were all "nearly incidents", just pure luck, coz they should have been losses.

If it wearnt simply for luck I would have lost most of my pets and my children aswell. So don't beat your self up. You were simply just unlucky, not at fault at all.

*Hugs* prayers for you .. my eyes are filling with tears writing this because I know how much this can affect you if you let it. I just hope you can understand and accept my take on it.
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God Bless

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Post by ringneck »

You know, sometimes life can turn things upside down and you just have to deal with it. I feel your pain and you must know that his death was not intentional. My sadness goes out to Jaws and you! Don’t worry fella, Jaws is in a better place and don’t be so hard on yourself—it was an accident!

Take care kiddo and I am so so so sorry for your loss, :cry: :cry: :cry:


R.I.P Jaws!
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Post by Dani03 »

Can't do much more than say sorry...it was an accident...horrible frightening terrible but still an accident.


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Post by Milamber3790 »

thanx guys.
i still hvnt managed to bury him. its realy hard to think about. every time i walk down the driveway i can see the spot where e was, and i cant stop looking at it. i dont even want to think about any of it. like just find a nice spot to put him and get it all behind me. i just wana forget all about him. Pete died and i cried enogh over him and i dont want to be sad anymore, i just wnt to forget the past year, it was all just one big stupid thing. to think i only had him for a year, think what id be like with a kid?

just yesterday he was playing around on his cage, doing that litle mating dance thng that makes me laugh, and he could almost say hello, i almost ad him doing it. the trick was to scratch te back of his head and he'd cluck like a chicken and id repeat hello and hed mumble after me.
he didnt even have his ring yet, he was just a baby. i thought i'd hve 25 odd years with him, but just cos i left that window open he died. i can just see the car going over him in my mind. dammit i hope it was quick

Mum used to go down to my room and open the windows to air out the room. and thats when he used to go missing the most. hed climb out of the window and into the tree behind it, then up and onto the veranda and chew on the trees. I always told mum not to open that window while there wasnt anyone in the room, because his cage was right next to it. he could just hop outside.
Im such an idiot, dont even listen to my own advice, and it got Jaws killed.
i didnt sleep downstairs and just forgot to close it that night. I even thought about going downstairs to check on him, but cudnt be bothered. it was late and i just totaly forgot the window was open.
the guests saw him the next morning, while they were on the veranda. they saw him sitting in the tree and just thought he was alowed to wander around and he had the run of the property.
and now he's dead.
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Post by catschair2 »

I'm so sorry for your loss. Don't beat yourself up -- Jaws' life may have been short, but he knew you loved him and was very happy. Some beings are just meant to have a short stay on this planet. Please stick around -- you can be an "uncle" to some of our fids until you are ready to add to your family again.
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Post by skibum »

I know how you feel too - I was stupid to take Max outside when I knew he hated the raindrops on his back. And I held off clipping his wings two days before cos it was late at night and I didn't want to get him grumpy just before bedtime.
I keep thinking of him alone in the wild - or worse still dying only metres from home cos we couldn't find him, but you just have to forget stuff like that.
I felt guilty getting another one straight away but tmining meant to get one young enough and hand-reared I had to - plus it has been the best therapy.
Also, helped someone else get reunited with their Ringneck yesterday, and that felt really good - had thought a hawk got it, it nearly flew off with the bloke standing next to me as well as the Ringneck. But it escaped.
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Post by skibum »

silly me didn't read the date!!
I hope you haven't disappeared and my advice is now too late.
typical me - should have reazd it all first!
Did anyone hear from Milamber again?
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