celebrating the life of Indie

A place for us to talk about the loss of a pet, even if not a ringneck. A place to grief and receive information and support from our family. Memorialize your pet by posting a picture and sharing information about your baby.

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celebrating the life of Indie

Post by manda_0007 »

Well I'm a new member, actually just posted a few hours because my Indie was acting strangely and it's with a heavy heart and a tearful eye that I write this. He just passed about an hour ago and I'm not doing so well with it right now. He's been a close close friend whenever we were together for close to 10 years. I feel like I just lost a child. It's a terrible thing when you can't do anything for something you love so much. He was a wonderful bird, full of love and life, he loved to play peekaboo, always meowed when I was cooking or eating, it was his own form of begging. He was rather conceited, loved to talk to himself in a mirror, always warmed up to new faces quickly, always had a few tricks up his sleeve, on of my favorites was when he'd throw coins into a cup and count them. I already miss hearing him say hello when I walked in the door, and I miss hearing him whistle the Indiana Jones theme song. He will be irreplaceable in my life, I miss him dearly already. Indie, I'm sorry our time came to an end so quickly...
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Post by catschair2 »

I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Post by kyria »

It's always such a hard thing and there is never anything that can be said to help, only time. True you will never replace him but a new friendship can happen. I always think of a saying that my daughter gave to me once;

Don't be sad it's over
Be glad it happened

*Big Hugz*
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God Bless

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Post by Lauren »

Oh no.. :cry: I just said hello to lil Indie.

So sorry for your loss. *HUGS*

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