Bye-Bye Buddy...

A place for us to talk about the loss of a pet, even if not a ringneck. A place to grief and receive information and support from our family. Memorialize your pet by posting a picture and sharing information about your baby.

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Bye-Bye Buddy...

Post by Mikaela »

Buddy passed from old age a few weeks ago (3.8.07). He literally dropped dead off of his stand. Stone cold dead.

My husband gave him small breaths as we went to the vet but it was all in vain. We waited for the call as to why he passed anxiously because of the rest of the flock.

I was shocked and even somewhat argumentative when he told me he lived a good life and passed from age. Age? He's only 3! He laughed through his sentence 'Buddy hasnt seen age 3 in over 10 yrs. He was a very old bird that had a very poor diet'.

I adopted him from a seed only household so yes, he was right there.

I didnt feel right about having them 'dispose' of him so I went back and got him (I know, Im mental... established) and we had a funeral and now he has a memorial. I'll post pics of 'his site' if you'd like to see it. The kids did it. The whole thing. Painted his shoe box so pretty. Went around the 'hood' and got different flowers.

It was an awful thing but the kids turned it into something not so bad, a learning experience. This is the first time they have dealth with death of a pet or person. Very healthy experience, just awful circumstances.



You were a stunning bird. You didnt cause me a bit of problems and I enjoyed you from day one. I will never forget you and even though I hurt now, I am very lucky to have loved you and lost you than to never have loved you at all.

God bless you sweet angel... and you were. May you have all the flight, freedom, nuts and berrys your heart desires over at rainbow bridge. Until we meet again my sweet Buddy, I love you and promise never to put you out of my mind.

When God calls me home... you be there to met me! Rest now, in peace and happiness.

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Post by ambros1a »

awwwww mik, im so sorry to read this!
He was so beautiful, and honetly, he was the main reason for me wanting a lutino, hence, arcie, he was just so stunning, and the stories u told of him, his sweet nature.
Think now hes in a better place, and he was able to enjoy the last of his time with you guys and baby. I hope the fids are dealing ok with the loss as well as the human family.
Hoping the best for everyone and everyfid, take care of yourselves, life is so precious and so unknowing.
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Post by Lauren »

Oh Sweetie!

Buddys in a special place now. Flying free. You did your best to bring him to good health. I'm sure he lived a happy life with you. No one better.

I hope you and the kids and fids are doing ok and the funeral brought some closure for you. Warm hugs for all you! :( Buddy was a fave of mine.

Take care of yourself sweetie.
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Post by Peanut »

i am so sorry mik. rest in peace little buddy. you will be missed! my thoughts and prayers are with you. ~hugs!~
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Post by Donna »

Mik I'm so very sorry for your loss. :( We all know that Buddy had a taste of heaven when he come to live with you. All of us have to face this at some point but it never gets easy to say good bye. Just remember you have us to help ya through. God Bless

R.I.P Little Buddy

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Post by Mikaela »

Thank all 4 of you for your kind words and support.

We make the final move in a few days. Now, Im freaking out about that and how Baby will handle it. I dont know why... been on a million trips, just never a move.

Just something for me to worry about, I reckon. :D
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Post by awesome-o »

:( sorry to hear about the poor little birdy! Looks like such a cutie too, still no doubt he would have had a great life because of you, and now no doubt he is chewing on someones fly screen in birdy heaven :)
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Post by CatsChair »

So sorry to hear of your loss. It is always hard to let them go. Good luck with the move.
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