Goodbye Bodi...

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Goodbye Bodi...

Post by Dani03 »

My Bodi passed away today. I was told that his heart just gave out...and there was nothing that could have prevented this from happening.

To my big green chicken,

Bodi I loved you so much. You were a light in my life that I will never forget. I miss you terribly. I will miss your adorable little begging for food. I will miss those loud squawks you'd let out at the neighbors cat when he would come and stare in at you. I am going to miss that adorable little 'chicken poof' that you loved to, to make me laugh. I will miss those days were I would cry and you comforted me. You made my days better. You were one of my best the end came too soon for you my boy.

I will always love you and I await the day we meet across that rainbow bridge again.

Until then,
Your momma Dani
xo Missi
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Post by xo Missi » I am at a loss for words and crying. I am soooo sorry this had to happen to you and Bodi. omg. I'm going to pm you. *hugs and doesn't let go*
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Post by Donna »

Dani I'm so very sorry for your loss. I couldn't believe it when I started reading it. I have a huge lump in my throat right now. Just want ya to know your in my prayers. We are all here for you sweety.

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Post by Cindy »

OH Dani no, not Bodi. I just love reading about you and your babies. I am sooooo sorry. I just don't know how to express my heart felt sadness at hearing about your loss...Luna, Baby and I will say a prayer for Bodi and you. Cindy
Cindy M. and the Flock of 8
Datsun and Family
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Post by Datsun and Family »

Oh Hun, I am so sorry!

Birdie kisses from Dats and the flock to comfort you and Prin, If you wanna talk you know where I am.

All my love, thinking of you and sending a million hugs your way.

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Post by Mikaela »


Boo died the same way, fell over dead in her water bowl. It hurts when it is so sudden but in alot of ways, its a blessing. No suffering for either of you.

I was a horrible friend to you last night. I am very ashamed of that because if Im 2 things, Im 1: a good friend and godly woman 2: a good Mama. Im sorry Dani. I failed you but knew in my heart that everyone else here was holding you. Still, feel so shitty.

My family doesnt have internet friends and cant understand that ya'll are real people... people I know, people I talk with on the phone, people I love, hell people I spend my day with, BY CHOICE! They dont get it.

It was dinner time and I had to cater to them. Im sorry Dani. I was trying to support you and keep things ok on the home-front. Im realizing I can only be pulled 5 ways so much until I am going to tear into. (Jeff, Matthew, Jeffrey, Jordan, Jared)

Your plight really made me realize that these people care for what I do for them way more than they do for me... my own son included :!:

Im ashamed of their lack of understanding and my lack of opportunity to be a good friend to you when you really needed it.

AND IM PISSED ABOUT IT! Cried all through dinner, trying not to be noticed. I wanted to be with you and I just cant believe Bodi went to Rainbow Bridge (so much better than the 'D' word, huh?)

Dani, just know I love you... Ok? Even when I cant be there that very second... I'll get to you as soon as God allows.

I love you girl, youre precious.

*kisses Bodi on the forehead before he leaves for Rainbow Bridge... he is going to be so happy there! That place rocks!*

Have fun Bodi! We will be along for you before too long. As you look down on your Mama, we'll be looking out after her since her little man had to go so very soon.
~ Mikaela Sky

PETE's Mommy & Daddy
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Post by PETE's Mommy & Daddy »

I'm SORRY..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

sorry dani

Post by goro0679 »

hey dani sorry about ure loss do u have any idea how old bodi was. But atleast she/he has the best possible home possible. I know it is tough but the moment you spent together were the best im sure of it.
sorry can't post under my name anymore it kicks me off but i felt this import to say something same reason why i can't im you in private
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Post by Dani03 »

Thank you so much to everyone's support through this trying time I have been through.

You all are great!

*love'n hugs*

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Post by CarolinaWren »


i'm soooooo sorry for your loss, sweetie :cry: i haven't been around lately cuz i've been going thru some new treatments with a new doc ... i just read this & i'm heartbroken for you. God bless u, gurl.


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Post by Guest »

So sorry you lost your buddy.
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