Weaning Alexandrine is more difficult then IRN or its just me ?

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Weaning Alexandrine is more difficult then IRN or its just me ?

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So, i have a baby alexandrine, about 8 weeks old.
Looks and behaves healthy, poops looks good and every thing was okay...
but just before two days, he took his first flight.. and man, that was all of a sudden, it was quite a good flight.
After that, i put him in a cage, and get him out three four times a day so he can fly.
His skills are improving and now he can do some what smooth landing on floor (i think its lil depressing for him)..

Our house is small, so when he takes a big flight, it becomes difficult for him, coz he goes directly to wall and there;s nothing for him to hold, so would come down to floor..

However since that day, he almost stopped taking handfeeding.. doesnt want any of the meal.. before that he would happily accept 3 meals a day.
He nibbles at corn, boiled peas, sprouts, tomatoes etc.. but i dont think he is eating enough.. just few bits.

I am worried that he is starving him self.. especially because he is not taking any of the meal.. i have to force him little bit to get 10c in.

Before this, I had an IRN baby, and weaning him was so effortless..

Is this common ?
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