Help - single IRN laid an egg in food bowl - what do I do for her?

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Help - single IRN laid an egg in food bowl - what do I do for her?

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I have a blue IRN female - rescued in July. I found her outside - caught her - put up posters, etc. - no luck finding owner. I adopted her. It was slow going taming at first. About mid December we had a breakthrough, and she has been very bonded to me since then. About a month or so ago, she started regurgitating to me, and also to tubes - paper towel tubes - she loves them.

Tonight she layed an egg in her food bowl.

I've had love birds in the past. I'm not completely unaware of Parrot breeding behaviors, but I don't know about IRNs specifically. And my lovebirds were a pair - when they laid, I let them raise the babies.

She does not have a mate and I am not trying to breed her. How do I help her finish this cycle and stay healthy and not get caught in this again?

Should I let her keep the egg in the food bowl? How many will she likely lay? Should I just make a new food bowl for actual food?

She loves paper towel tubes - to shred - I've been giving them to her daily as toys to entertain herself - did that encourage this behavior?

She is getting right at about 12 hours of light a day I think. She is by the window so she can watch the birds outside, and there is one lovebird in the room with her.

Y'all please help. She is cramming herself into her food bowl now - it doesn't look comfortable :( If I move the egg into a bigger bowl or something, will she accept it?

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