What are your anecdotes on IRN breeding times?

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What are your anecdotes on IRN breeding times?

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I will make this simple in the form of a dot-point questionnaire. Not to be rude, but I'm not here to chit-chat so please focus on the questions. I'm looking for people who have actually experienced these questions to answer them for me, please don't answer if you haven't lived out the experience of the question.

. What age were both IRNs when they mated? (please associate the sex correctly)
. What color mutation were they? (again, be specific with the use of sex/gender)
. How long did it take after mating for them to lay the eggs?
. How long did it take for the eggs to hatch after being laid?
. Based on the color mutation, what were the produced hatchling colors?
. How often did they mate after the first time, and do they ever stop?
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