Female staying in the nest for a day or two

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Female staying in the nest for a day or two

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Hi everyone

I have 2 female IRN's and 1 male that share an aviary. The male and one of the females share a close bond with the female being very territorial about food, nestboxes etc. Recently I moved a second nestbox into the aviary and the second female took it over (as intended). That's where my problem is:

She has been in the nestbox for a week or two now with occasional breaks since I spotted her in the aviary. However since the beginning of the week she went ''missing'' so I had someone check her nestbox (a disability makes it impossible for me to have easy access to the aviary). Apparently she is in the nestbox'. With the male being so bonded with the other female i'm not sure if she's being fed inside or if she's taking breaks I haven't spotted. I'm not too worried that she might be incubating infertile eggs...I'm much more concerned with keeping the female alive since it's a lutino mutation I've been looking for for years.

Should I be worried about the situation or leave it to resolve itself?
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