Breeding Ringnecks Is this normal?


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Breeding Ringnecks Is this normal?

Post by B3A13 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:22 pm

hi there. I am new here and new to breeding irn.
I have had a female for six years now and she's laid eggs but none have been fertile. She's had two mates before this one still no fertile eggs. I never saw mating or feeding between her and the two mates. I recently added a new male. I've noticed him feeding her and her asking for food which I've never seen before with the hen. Now for the past week he's been in and out of the nest box but she hasn't been in there. He stays in there most of the time. No eggs or anything in there. He is 4 and has a good ring on him. Is this normal? Should I get another female or wait u til next season? May she go in the box if he does?
Thank you

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