First Baby IRN

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First Baby IRN

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HI All,

So i am busy hand raising my first baby IRN. Took it out the nest at about 4 weeks, probably a bit late, but the mother was doing such a good job.
So when i removed the baby i noticed that his left wing is deformed. it seems to be a lot smaller than the right wing. I am hoping this wont cause any long term effects, other than maybe him not being able to fly. (which suites me just fine.).

Anyway other than the wing issue, he seems to be doing very well. took a little while to get him eating properly, but now he gobbles his food down like a champ.

He is very shy and likes to hide his head like an ostrich, so i have not given him the nickname of Volstruis (ostrich in afrikaans). He is really cute.

My question is, how do i know when to take him out of the nest and put him in a cage (i have left him in the breeding box, just moved it inside the house).

Any advise will be much appreciated.

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