Advise for Baby Ringneck

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Advise for Baby Ringneck

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Hi, long story, but I kind of safed this little one (Indian Ringneck) - I have only ever hand reared a little dove years ago, but I would say it's going good, I have him (will call the chick him until I know the sex...LOL) under the correct heat, I check his food temp, eats about 10 - 12ml per feed and the crop is always empty by the next feed.

I was told he should be 3 weeks old, but really don't trust the person I got the info from, from all the research I have done I guess he is 3weeks , but still would like your opinion.

Then I would like to find out is it normal that he is so active, he climbs out of his nest and walks around in his box, he looks really alert and active.

Last - I read on the internet we shouldn't allow young birds to nibble on us, he is always trying to peck my hand....not when he is hungry, he stops feeding by himself. Will this cause problems later, like biting?

Picture isn't really clear but he does have pin feathers.
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