need help on breeding


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need help on breeding

Post by smokie » Mon Jul 16, 2007 5:04 am

hi everyone im new here i would really like some help i have 2 green ringnecks male and female but i also have a grey female ring neck i have had my grey sinces she was 9 months old she is living in the avary with my other 2 greens i have put in a nest box as the going threw mating season my greens had paired up but my grey keeps going in the box and nexting and getting quite arrivse towards the other 2 but when i walk in the avairy she tryes to attacth the other 2 i dont now why she is doing this is she pregant or is she on heating wanting to mate she is also very loveling more than what she is normally i dont know weather to get her another mate or stick another nest box in their or what this is my very first time in breeding them my grey is very friendly not like the others they havnt been hand read like my grey does anyone have any ideas for me plz feel free to fire away i do want to breed her she is a very beautifull bird and the such fantastic creatures i love all my birds or does anyone have any advise that would help me also plz excuss my spelling it,s not the best hope to here from someone soon thankyou

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Post by Jay » Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:25 am

Remove the Grey from the cage as the Green pair will have problems breeding for as long as the Grey is there.

If you want to breed the Grey hen, find her another mate and put them in a separate cage. IRNs don't breed well in a community cage as they will attack each other and each others' babies.

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