Shy Indian Ringneck


I’ve read your message about the fact you received a lot of messages and took a break. I hope my questione are okay to ask and for you to answer. Hopefully you are okay now :). 

I bought an Indian ringneck parrot about 2,5 weeks ago and boy o boy she is curious. She is still afraid of my hands, but here comes the ‘weird’ part. When I take her to the bathroom, our little training room, she becomes relaxed. I can hold her on my hand. Sometimes she even stands on one feet and closes her eye. So she looks relaxed. Outside the bathroom, she sees a lot of things to play with and gets distracted very fast. She doesn’t know how to step up, so I need to teach her that. I would love to train her, but she doesn’t take food from my hand. If she does, she does it quick and more in a frightful way… 

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Best Pelleted Brand

Hi there, my name is Eliene form Florida and I am getting an Indian Ringneck bird for my family and we are very excited. This is our first bird. I have a question regarding the food. I understand that ringnecks love food and they can eat pretty much everything. My bird is young (8 months the most), and I would like to ask you which pellets and seeds should I feed him besides fruits and vegetables? My husband got home with this brand (Wild Harvest- Daily blend- for parrots), but I don’t know if is good for him. It does have many seeds. I am forward you a picture. Please, I really would like your advice on which ones to buy. Thank you and God bless you.

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Bluffing Female Indian Ringneck

blue-ringneck-bluffingI adopted a possibly 2 year old IRN. I was told she was a female and given up because of nipping. She loved me at first site. She would head roll when I spoke to her, held her , she loved me and still does. After the first day the “nipping” started. I could see why someone might re-home her. It was a very hard almost blood drawing bite. I spent 2 months making friends and now I don’t have an issue. My trick was offering her an almond, she would head roll. I called step up and then I would move her. Of course it was a little more than that but my question is.. Was that a unresolved bluffing issue? Just your best guess is ok.. Thank you for your time.

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Frisky Indian Ringneck

White-Indian-RingneckHello…my husband and I just bought a IRN yesterday and she is so frisky. They say she is almost a yr old. How long for her to calm down and how old are they when they start to talk…

This is Luna… She is almost a year they say and she gets scared easily and her beak will do serious damage if she gets you

Thank you

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Feeding A Healthy Diet & Feather Plucking

grey-ringneck-pluckingHello there… i need some guidline. I got a sweety baby . attaching picture. I want to know what to feed him. Currently i am giving him cereal and chna daal. Please help me so that it could make a perfect pretty boy someday.

And another query. i have grey IRN.i bought previous year in May..Picture is attached. is he going through molting ? he is in such condition since he was 7months old. I am feeding him seeds. peas, apple, banana. (daily bath) When would he have his tale all grown up again. and feathers all shiny.

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