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Rehoming Cookie

A section for ringneck adoption or rehoming.

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Rehoming Cookie

Post by Mellie » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:37 pm

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Postby Mellie » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:59 am
Hello to all members

My name is Mellie,
I have a beautiful ring neck called Cookie, actually Mr Cookie. I found him by accident in a store nearby when I was looking for some food for a lizard and saw Cookie in a small grubby cage with another irn that was constantly biting him. I was struck by Cookies beautiful Yellow feathers and his large bright eyes. He looked at me and came close to the front of that cage, so young and so lovely before I knew it I was paying the attendant for Cookie, a large cage, food, toys and trolley to put that large cage on.

Now I have had Mr Cookie for almost 2 years. His ruff grew out a charming sight of Pinkness that matched his beak. Cookie has now become the king of the house, he has a tree stand and several cages, he is very obedient and does everything he is told to. He is very intelligent has a large vocabulary, (no swearin either) and is out of cage all day. He is not allowed on kitchen benches or on good chairs but he happilly spends the day slipping from one place to another. He has a bath every day and sits in the sun or under a fully screened pergola , warm water in winter and hoseing in summer.
At 1ound 4:30 -5pm I tell him it is sleeping time and hops up onto his favorite perch and sleeps till around 6:30 am. He is really a good boy and loves to be told that, huis favorite treat is of course sunflower seeds, and his favorite toy is a half coconut with sisal rope and some blocks and circle stuff on the ends, He chews them to a strand several times a month.
now comes the difficult part, Cookie is very active and very healthy, I purchased cookie when I was 75 years old, I know he will live for many years after I do, and so one sad day he will need a new home. my heart aches as to who will look after my Cookie like I have done and will continue to do until I am no longer alive. I have no family members to continue, Cookie has had the best time here, he is happy, healthy, beautiful, loving and the best friend I have ever known.
Who will take ownership of this wonderful friend. I have contacted RSPCA who would like me to donate for them to rehome him, but to who?
I look in their site and I see birds in general for a donation of sums like $5:00 or $10:00, and these birds are mainly lost birds, Cookie is not lost, Cookie is so special, how can I find some one who will take the same care of Mr Cookie that I do ?

Maybe it was a mistake that I ever bought him, but never will ever regret the time Cookie will be in my life.
Does any one have an answer to this heart rending affair? Is it possible that someone on this site that knows ringnecks and loves them as much as me could when the time comes take care of my Cookie I wonder. He will be so totally lost to lose his home and to be sent to someone who maybe will hurt him and not take the best care of him Cookie does not like children though and is a very independant soul but so very loving, and gentle and beautiful.

I posted this topic on the new member intro page, maybe wrong place I am here for the first time sorry if this topic was in the incorrect place
it is of much importance to me to find out how to place Cookie in a home that has experience and kind heart to take over the life and love of my beautiful Cookie not yet but when the time comes, I think I am not the first person who needs to find a place for their friend.
I live in Queensland Australia .

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Re: Rehoming Cookie

Post by Esco96 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:06 pm

That is so sad :( why dont you just keep him and let him be re homed if you god forbid pass on before him, he loves you i can tell and you live him, just enjoy your time together :(

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Re: Rehoming Cookie

Post by tonyroy » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:21 am

sad story
be strong ! :ymapplause:
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