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Unhatched eggs at day 29

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Unhatched eggs at day 29

Post by Kye84 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:22 am

Hi all :)
my names kylie and I have recently had my Irn hen lay 3 eggs that she has been sitting on for approx 29 days give or take a day or so.
I know for certain the first egg appeared 32 days ago and the other 2 were laid over the next 3 days or so so calculated they were ready to hatch anytime 9 days ago. I haven't candled them at anytime during incubation but inspected them this morning one has a detached air sac I think I can see moving from outside the egg with out a light but guess I don't know for sure with out using a light as for the other 2 I'm starting to Think I should pull them as its been a long time incubating, does anyone have any advice or agree it's time to take them out I know by dates they are over due but I guess I'm in denial in a way and am still worried I'm being too impatient
Many thanks for reading

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