Hello! New IRN "Mom"

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Hello! New IRN "Mom"

Post by ~Kelly37~ » Tue Mar 04, 2008 11:30 am

Hi Everyone! I've been looking around the site for awhile, absorbing as much info as I can. I somehow think it was fate that led me to my new IRN. I was in contact via email with a woman who was looking for a new home for her IRN. I had wanted to go see him, but she never seemed to be home, and took quite awhile to answer my emails. Over this past weekend, I stopped into a local pet store to start gathering supplies ( I knew I was ready for a bird, just not sure if it would be that particular bird) and when we walked in the door, there was this beautiful little lutino irn in a cage - I haven't seen any IRN's in any pet stores here, but there she/he was. I've never bought any animal from a pet store, but for whatever reason, I knew she was mine! She is 8mths old, and unfortunately hasn't been handled very much since hand feeding. She's been at the pet store for about 6mths, which I find very sad. They were trying to sell her, and had pretty much dropped her price in half. She has been home with us for 3 days, and seems to be settling in. I've just been letting her chill out, talking to her alot thru the cage, she actually has started to come to the front of the cage and take treats from my hand, which I thought was pretty good! I'm hoping I can manage to not pull back or react when she bites me ( I know it's coming!! lol) From what I read on here, it is best to let them settle for about a week before trying any more contact? The woman at the pet store told me to "put on a glove, get her out of the cage and hold her close to your chest" :shock: I'm no expert, but even I know that isn't the way to win a birds trust or love. I'm expecting it to be a long process, but can't help but wish I could just reach in and hold her and interact right away! I've had tiels and a firecracker of a quaker in the past, and also play as much as I can with my sisters Scarlet Macaw, but until I started researching, I didn't know much about IRNs, but I have a huge amount of love for birds of any kind, and I think I'll win her over! I've settled on calling her a "her",and have named her Maizy, but she could very well be a he! Sorry this post got so long, and thanks for reading it! Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Post by pinkdevil » Tue Mar 04, 2008 1:22 pm

Welcome Kelly37 & congrats on your first IRN, Maizy. :)

Maizy sounds like she is a wonderful little bird and I am sure you will win over her heart as soon as she settles into her new home.

I also have a Lutino I handraised, her name is Jasper. She is out in the aviary but I spend at least a couple of hours with her every day. She likes to be where the action is and if anyone is outside and she knows it, then she makes sure you know she is there lol :). Jasper had never been a smoochy bird right from the start. She is quite happy sitting and climbing on me and only likes the occasional pat. Thats fine as I have a few other birds who love cuddles :)

I think maybe some people suggest gloves so WE don't get bitten but they don't look at it from the birds point of view. IMO gloves are the last thing you need when trying to gain a birds trust! And even if it did work, then the bird would be at ease with the glove not the hand :?

Lucky you for finding Maizy and lucky Maizy for having such a caring owner :D

Good luck!


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Post by giantfoot_truck » Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:03 am

Welcome Kelly and Maizy! Maizy sounds like a sweet fid! Im pretty sure both of you are lucky to have each other, I love reading your story.

To pet, life in pet store is always worst than life under the care of responsible owner, so Im pretty sure Maizy is thankful that you bought her!
Dont worry about her biting you, she will eventually get used to you and sooner or later you will be her best friend!

We cant wait to see photo and video of her! Make sure let us know more about her. :D

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Post by bec » Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:34 pm

first off welcome and secondly your right about the gloves the lady i bought my kieron off used gloves to handle him all the time now if any of us put gloves on he freaks out! so we are just letting him set the pace in taming its slower but less stresful on him

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Post by Lene » Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:23 am

Hi Kelly

Welcome to you and Maizy... The fact that she'll come to the front of the cage to get treats from you suggests that she'll tame down really quick...

Birds mostly bite out of fear, but of course IRNs sometimes bites just for the sake of it. I always say, these guys bite first and ask questions later... Of course this is just my experience with Paulie, who is now settling down, and starting to know the word 'gentle'..

My male, Toby, has started to come to the front of the cage for a treat, but he won't step up, so when he's out, and I have to get him back into his cage, I scoop him up very gently in my hands (I used a teatowel the first couple of weeks).... but he's starting to realise, I'm not going to hurt him.


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Post by ~Kelly37~ » Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:42 am

Thank you all for the welcome and tips. She's starting to make some noises when I talk to her, and will let me put my hand in the cage with a treat and take it, but has lunged at me a few times with her beak, but luckily hasn't made any contact yet!

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