how do i stop the screeching?

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how do i stop the screeching?

Postby ramtech » Wed Feb 15, 2006 4:53 pm

Hi,My name is Bob and I am a new member.I have had my irn(Rocky) for about a year now,when he flew into our yard.After searching around the neighbourhood for a month and unable to find his owner,we decided to keep him.He is a very smart bird and picks up tunes and talks very well.
About November 2005,he started to molt and look pretty ragged,then after about six weeks he got his ring.He then strutted around very proud of himself,but he also started screeching.Now it has got thge stage where it has become very annoying and sometimes embarrassing.WHAT CAN I DO TO STOP THE SCREECHING.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Postby kyria » Thu Feb 16, 2006 4:07 am

Hiya Bob and Rocky, welcome to the family :D

Basically its down to distract or ignore.

Here are some threads to read from the archives of the forum. You can search more yourself by using the search button on top of the page.

Click on these links to read about advice given in the past. ... screaching ... screaching


Then this recent, wonderful post by Mikaela to another family member:-

My late-beloved Peek-a-Boo was once a screamer. I tried everything under the sun, short of ignoring her (hard for me to do, very maternal) and NOTHING worked.

Finally, one day my husband let it be known enough was enough, she was really disturbing our entire way of life. Something had to be done because I WAS NOT parting with her. I adopted her, to me that is a life-long commitment.

Anyway, long story short, I one day began ignoring her COMPLETELY when she would scream, pay her attention otherwise. By ignoring a bird that means to not even look in that direction. Looking over is more than enough to perpetuate the problem.

You have to be so cunning and convincing that the bird starts to believe you cant here that particular sound. IRNs arent here to please, I assure you.

This is how it should go (or how I reached success I should say):

Throughout the day, walk by and talk to the bird when it isnt screaming. Interact with the bird as you always would EXCEPT when it screams simply DO NOT even bat an eye.

The WORSE thing you can do is beg it to stop, tried that. My husband, being the idiot he can be tried screaming shut up back, that only encouraged her because then she was like YES! Because thats what they want. So, please dont do that. He took a sucker punch everytime. (Dont nobody scream at my babies!)

Unlike an odd looking mole, ignore it and I literally promise you it will cease. I had the screamer of all screamers, she lived to scream and being ignored put a stop to it.

Only to be struck with a heart attack some months later.

Cheers ! and goodluck
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