help with breeding whwt (clear tail. & opalines

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help with breeding whwt (clear tail. & opalines

Postby *kimi* » Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:18 pm

Im thinking I want to breed some either cobalt cleartails (whwt) & blue clear tails (whwt, (sorry don't know which is the more popular name for these birds,

So, I have a normal blue, so if I paired her to a cobat split whwt, would I get both blue & cobalt split clear tail (whwt?

then, Is it right that I would have to pair one of the cobalt split whwt to another blue or cobalt split whwt or cobalt or blue visual whwt to breed visual blue & cobalt whwt?

or is there another way to achieve this quicker, starting with just a standard blue female.?

Also wondering how rare are blue split for opaline? and how much do they usually go for in Australia?

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Re: help with breeding whwt (clear tail. & opalines

Postby rod038 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:07 pm

Cleartail is a recessive mutation so if you wanted to use your Blue Female you would need to use a Cleartail Cock that would give you split Cleartails. Then you would need to buy a Cleartail to breed with it in a couple of years.

By breeding a Normal bird to Split Cleartail there is no way of telling if the young are split or not and are of no use.

The best way to breed them would be to get a Cobalt Split Cleartail and a Blue Cleartail, that way all the chicks would be either Cleartail Cobalts and Blues or Split Cleartail Cobalts and Blues. About $2000 to $2500 for a 2011 pair if you can get them.

The Cheapest way would be a Cobalt Split Cleartail and a Blue Split Cleartail this way you may jag a Cobalt Cleartail, low odds, again the non Cleartail birds are of no use as you wont know if they are Split Cleartail or not.

It doesnt matter which Sex is the Cleartail and which one is the Split.

Blue split Opaline are still very rare and quite expensive. Only Cock birds can be split. They can cost over $5000 for this years young. Any new mutation like this, only buy from a reputable breeder. You need to make very sure you know what you are buying.

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