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Violet Indian ringneck in perth

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Violet Indian ringneck in perth

Post by SAMMMMMMM93 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:14 am

can anyone help me in finding a Indian ring-neck breeder in Perth who breeds mutations like blue and vilot and dark blue
im looking for a ring-neck that's hand grown and female once it has been weaned thanks

dark blue
vibrant blue

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Re: Violet Indian ringneck in perth

Post by willowisp71 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:17 pm

Hi Samm...

Try keeping an eye on Gumtree/Perth in the birds section......a guy had a violet for sale about a month ago, and when I contacted him he said that the last of that batch had sold but he told me to keep an eye on Gumtree cos he had a second hatch coming through from those parents soon, and would advertise them when they were nearly ready. A lot of other Perth breeders advertise on Gumtree also, when they have chicks almost ready......I check everyday to see what's new.

Also, you could try contacted Stoney's Birds to see if they know of any violet breeders? They have a Facebook page where they update what birds they have for sale and post pics and video's of the chicks that are weaning - just do a search for Stoney's Birds.

I'd love a violet too, but not sure we're up for the $350 price tag :mrgreen:

Good luck :D
Regards Deb

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