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Can IRN's kill each other

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Can IRN's kill each other

Post by Kristijan » Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:20 pm

Hello, I have female for 4 years and i bought male like 1 year before. The female is aggressive towards the male when ever she see me she will try to attack the male. Last week i decided to make a big outdoor cage in the yard of my company and its like 15m2 big (i think thats a lot of room for only 2 birds). Today when i went to change water and give them food i found my female with a wound on her head which didnt look so good to me but the parrot was fine ( i couldnt see any unusual behavior from her ) hopefully it will heal up quickly. I want to hear from some experienced member in this group if they will be ok to live together in that big cage or i will have to separate them? Also take in mind i have never seen the male aggressive towards the female and the female is with the wound.

I will Appreciate any useful information or opinion.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Can IRN's kill each other

Post by Melika » Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:33 pm

Yes, it is possible. Parrots are just like anyone else and can hate one another. Sometimes with enough space (and enough food dishes so that no one prevents the other from eating) they can come to terms. But sometimes it just isn't enough and they have to be separated.
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