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Post by SilverGull » Sat Sep 06, 2014 4:25 pm


I'm from Brisbane, in my 20s, and as of almost two weeks ago have adopted a ten-month-old white ringneck. In general I realise that this may have been unwise, as young Cirrus has never been handled... but even scared, in a small temporary (and thus unfamiliar) cage with a much more energetic cousin, this bird was showing considerable curiosity about me and the breeder, only runs away when I know I'm doing something unpleasant, and even at the vet's took a long time to start biting at the towel despite obvious discomfort. I honestly didn't think I'd want this one when I answered the breeder's ad, but I believe there's a lot of potential here.

Given the previous all-seed diet, apparent lack of understanding of what toys and vegetables are, fear of towels and open cage doors, and the fact that Cirrus initially weighed 101 grams instead of the 120 the vet wanted, I clearly have my work cut out for me. Not least because, not knowing any better, I spent two days grabbing with the towel to confirm weight gain. (NEVER doing that again! And have started trying to desensitise to make up for my early mistake.) However, just 12 days on, not only will Cirrus stay on the far perch or even take a half-step towards me when I approach with a treat, we have also started to hear fumbling attempts at saying "hello" and imitating short whistles.

I've been avidly reading this forum, and learning a lot. Wish me luck!

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Re: Hello

Post by ringneck » Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:31 pm

Welcome SilverGull!

It's a good thing you got him! He is very lucky to have you in his life. I love that you're trying to tame him and work with him. I have four ringnecks and I love them to death. They all have their own personalities and give nothing but endless love...truly, they are amazing creatures !

Again, welcome to our family and we look forward to hearing more about Cirrus! :OP Love the name BTW!

Best Wishes,

IMRAN-C :wink:

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