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cheeky Indigo blue cock

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cheeky Indigo blue cock

Post by smick » Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:45 am

My avairy doors between this avairy bank are internal and i pass from the Hooded parrot avairy then into the Indigo blue's avairy before entering the last avairy which has a Turquoise blue cock and a Creamino hen. Well the Indigo cock must been studying how i open the door because he now can open the door :roll: . This entails him lifting and then sliding the padbolt, once he has done this he hop on top off the steel tubing above the door and leans down to push the door in :shock: . In the beginning he could only open the pad bolt but was trying to pull the door into he's avairy but it opens into the next avairy. So he's learn't that he has to hop on the tubing above the door and then push the door into the next avairy. A very cheeky smart bird,lucky for me he does'nt have a door to the outside :wink:

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