Bringing Mojo home for the first time Some one please help

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Bringing Mojo home for the first time Some one please help

Postby Gagzi86 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:15 am

Hello guys , me and wife decided to get a parrot and we did do some research before getting the bird . We wanted to get a hand raised parrot . So we picked Mojo up from a breeader last Saturday.. she had few to choose from and we picked one from the bunch . He is a Latino india ringneck beautiful yellow colour. But since he has been home he looks scared and stressed and keep flying away from us when we go closer to pick him up or love him . We had a chat with the lady we got him from and she says pick him up and cuddle him and give him some one on one time but when I do pick Mojo up he just looks really stress and not comfortable at all . After reading few online reviews. I decided not to pick him up and just let him settle in his new environment and get use to us . We have been feeding him and cleaning his cage every morning and giving quality time talking to him and trying to calm him down . It’s been a week now just gave him a spray bath today and still Mojo doesn’t want to come near us still start jumping in the cage when we go near him .. so please can some one let us know if we doing the right thing or what should we do or this is normal. He is not eating treats as well like berries,apple,chilli,mango,corn . Just still on seed . Is this normal as well ? SOME ONE PLEASE HELP . We really want Mojo to love us and not be scared of us .. thanks

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