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Catching a Indian Ring Neck Parrot that has escaped?

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Catching a Indian Ring Neck Parrot that has escaped?

Post by PinkBear154 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:59 am


I am new to this forum. I have cockatiels but don’t own a Indian Ringneck but could really do with some advice.
Firstly I am in the uk in the north west of England in case it helps. A few day ago I heard a bird noise that made my cockatiels squak. I went in to garden and had a look and to my surprise I saw A Green Indian Ringneck parrot in a tree near my garden. A short time later it came down in to my neighbors garden to eat from her wild bird feeders. It has been back to her garden many times a day to feed. And has been perched in trees near my garden.

Yesterday I came across a couple who say they are the owners of the bird. They were holiday makers and had apparently bought the parrot with them in camper van. They said it was a girl and her name was Chester. They were original told it was a boy before finding out recently that its a girl Hense the boy name. They tried all afternoon and evening to catch her. And tried again this morning from 6am. They had to go home as had work tomorrow but left there details and asked if I could keep trying to catch her and are going to come back in a week.

Does any one know the best way to catch a Indian Ring neck any suggestions much appreciated. I thought the best time to catch her would be when she comes down to neighbours bird feeder but my neighbour won’t let me in there garden as don’t want me to catch her. They think it is cruel to catch her and cage Her and think she should be left free.

I’m concerned as to how long she will last, yes she has access to wild bird food in neighbours garden, but neighbour has no bird bath or any water in garden. I’ve left water out in my garden but have not seen her come down to drink. So don’t know when she last had water and it’s very hot here. Also we have a lot of wild birds here including big crows and am concerned it will get attacked.

What should I do? Am I wrong to want to catch her for owners to make sure she is safe. The owners have given me permission to catch her.

Finally if I do manage to catch her, how can I be sure that the people who say they are the owners are the owners. Don’t want to hand over parrot to some one if they are not actually the owners. They seemed genuine, but when they were trying to get her to come down from tree they did not even have a cadge or carrier with them to put her in if caught her. So it made me wonder.

Any advice much appreciated
thanks in advance

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Re: Catching a Indian Ring Neck Parrot that has escaped?

Post by ringneck » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:36 am

Firstly, Welcome to our Indian Ringneck forum.

Let me start off by saying that I have lost one of my birds too. Earlier this year a pet-sitter accidentally released one of my beloved Indian ringnecks Devri. Though I know it was an accident, it hurt like hell, and I did everything I could to try to recover her. I called every pet store, every local veterinarian, put up flyers, posted on my social media accounts, and so much more; all with very little luck.

If the ringneck is indeed the owners, I truly feel for them as I know how it feels.

Now, about the neighbours who do not want you to catch the bird -- I say ignore them. It is a proven fact that England has a ringneck problem. In many areas the ringnecks are culled, are deemed pests, are picked off by predators, and are in overpopulation. That being said, the bird obviously had a wonderful home and should be returned as anything can happen. From a logical perspective, it's nice to know the owners still care and want their bird. Had they not wanted the bird it would have been a different story. So from my perspective, I would catch the bird and return it if I could.

So how do you catch the bird? I would set up a large cage with the door open and place a large bowl of seeds and fruit within the cage. Once the bird enters the cage the door must be closed. This can be done by attaching fishing wire and waiting far from the cage and closing it once the bird enters.

BTW, I might add it sounds like the bird is not tame. I now that had Devri had the opportunity to see me, she would immediately fly to me.

Also, look on YouTube on bird trapping. See what you can find.

I wish you all the luck in the world!

Best wishes,


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