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Advice needed please - mating IRN's

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Advice needed please - mating IRN's

Post by michelleb3564 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:14 am

Hello everyone - I have tried to search, however my housing/living situation seems a little different to most so wanted to write my own post, I hope that's ok Admin. Please forgive the essay...!

I have two IRN's - a hen (yellow) about 5 years and a male (blue) approx 2 years. The hen hated the male the minute we got him (she was here first) - however across last two years she has grown to tolerate him, mind you with plenty of chasing around and trying to attack (he can fly well thankfully!). He has persisted like a true Romeo and they have become more and more friendly - so much so that in the last couple of days they have started mating...!

I definitely don't want babies, but I don't want to hinder my girl either by not looking after her properly/providing what she needs, hence this post.

I have received advice to set up a nesting box and once she lays - boil the eggs & put back, or throw them out and replace with fake eggs. All doable. I made a nesting box today and she has happily been in and out shreding and doing her thing.

My 'unique' situation that I wanted to check however is that my birds aren't caged - they are out in the house all day & only go into their (separate) cages upstairs at night to sleep (approx 6pm - 7am) - so I'm wondering where to put the nesting box... The obvious place is of course her cage, however I have been told they should work on it together and that she'll want to nurture any 'eggs' during the day (and that maybe he'll be involved too?)...

Therefore should I move it from the cage to the kitchen each morning, and then back into the cage at night - to cover both her bases? (I say the kitchen as it's one of her hangouts where she happily shreds phone books on and off througout the day (has done this for years). Or can I just leave it in the cage for her to use/nurture at night? Is it a bad idea to move it around?

Also - if I encourage her to lay - is her personality going to change, or is that just if they hatch? Or is that a myth? If likely, is there anything I can change in this process to stop that? I don't want her to become a different bird - I can remove the nesting box immediately if it's not going to hinder her through the laying process??!?!

Sorry for the naivety! Appreciate your advice!

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Re: Advice needed please - mating IRN's

Post by ringneck » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:18 am

Hello Michelle,

Firstly, let me welcome you to our Indian Ringneck forum. We are a wonderful community and we strive to help the best we can. What makes this community so great is that we have all kinds of ringneck owners, and different opinions as to how a problem should be addressed. For this reason, i'm sure you'll get different opinions as to how to deal with this situation. That being said, here's what I would do, but i’ll give you my opinion about female ringnecks in general.

If you've browse through my posts you'll know that I have two female ringnecks. Unfortunately, one of my female ringnecks, Devri, was accidentally released by a pet sitter. I was not able to recover her and it will be almost a year in November. That being said, I should say that I truly prefer female ringnecks over the males as they are very devout a little companions.

Now onto the breeding question. I never let my females get into breeding mode. I move the cages around, ensure no nesting boxes are present, hide all presumed nesting cavities, and distract the heck out of my female ringnecks during early spring when she becomes “needy.”

A broody hen becomes excessively sweet, will constantly be scouting nesting sites, will become much more vocal, start regurgitating for her owner, and become much more aggressive towards other family members.

In your post you said you made the box; however, I would remove it. She is currently in the stage of “working” the nest box in preparation for eggs.

Once the box has been removed, the hen will go about her usual business then settle in back to her regular routine. She might try a few more times to look for a nesting cavity, but I would remove or hide them to ensure she does not get into breeding mode.

You are right about one thing; her personality will change. Her strong instinctual behavior to reproduce will take over and anything could happen. If she has chosen your other ringneck as her partner she might become aggressive towards you during incubation as it’s unnatural to have several other “beings” involved in ringneck breeding.

My female ringnecks have never laid any eggs and they were happy. :)

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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