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Post by buzyparents » Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:38 pm

:D Hi All! I am new to forum and just wanted to introduce myself! I have a green IRN that was born May 15th, 2008. I got him at the end of July. His name is Nick-Nick and I just love him to death! He has just starting trying to say his name "Nick-Nick" and tryng to say pretty bird!

Quick question: When he sits on my shoulder he pulls at my cheeks and thinks I constanly have food in my mouth..but I don't. His nibbles on my cheek and trying to pry my mouth open are getting a little harder and tends to hurt some :( :roll:

What can I do to break him from this and will he understand "no" eventually?

Thank you! I really love the forums and all the pictures! Take care and God Bless All![/b]

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Post by Lauren » Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:30 pm

Hi there! Welcome to the flock! Aww Nick Nick! What a cute name! hehe.

Jibby used to do this behaviour too, but he grew out of it, once he understood that I dont like it much. I would repeatatively put him back in the cage or away from me, and walk away. This seemed to work well. He still has a fascination with teeth though. But doesnt try, he just gets that excited eye if he sees teeth. lol. Pins at that intensely.

If Nick Nick does this, immediately put him back in the cage or on the floor. Soon enough (and it might take some time) he will get the idea and grow out of it.

Goodluck, and cant wait to see some pics of little Nick Nick. :wink:
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