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my first ring neck

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my first ring neck

Post by danjp1 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:45 pm

Hey guys! recently got myself my new beautiful ringneck! (presumed to be female as has no black ring on neck although its very very faintly there) shes a 2012 bird making her 4-5 years of age and im her 3rd owner Image shes a green ring neck although she is yellow under her wings along with all blue tail feathers! shes a great bird and completely silent at night times which is a plus but she can be noisy sometimes in the day! :) my problems start where once in her life she was a hand reared very tame bird but for some reason this changed and she became very untame to the point where she will accept food from your hand or bite you she is terrified of hands, towels and gloves i fear she had something happen with one of her last owners as when i bought her i was told shes been in a room with a few other birds for 6 months with minimal contact as she wouldnt let anyone near her. my goal is to try and gain her trust and get her to exercise more as she is rather stocky due to not being out of the cage much from a guess.. i have the cage open for her 24/7 when im home and she will only leave when persuaded too but once shes out she patrols the curtains until she wants to go back inside for food. does anyone have any tips for trying to gain her trust ? i cant get her to step up on anything as she freaks out when anything is put in the cage including hands. she is also my first bird and i do not want to give up on her! when i saw her i knew i had to have her and i refuse to let her down she deserves to be loved and have all the fun out her cage as she can. any tips welcome thank you!

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Re: my first ring neck

Post by AJPeter » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:08 am

Most of your question can be answered if you search this forum, But sit by her cage, eating your meals in front of her they are very sociable and she will want to come out. Do not put your hands in her cage while she is in it if possible. Talk all the time to her they respond to praise be patient and do not push her too fast. It will take 4 - 6 weeks to gain her trust.

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