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new indian ringneck owner!

Posted: Sun May 01, 2016 3:49 am
Hello everyone! just going to quickly introduce myself, I’m a young girl who over a week ago purchased my first Indian ringneck or more so my father my little baby is about 5-6 months old and is named jasper we believe that she is a girl even though she is obviously too young to tell physically. She has not been done sexed but me and my dad read online that the females have quite big feet and are a bit stockier is this true? if so she fits that quite well also know that she is more comfortable around us she has started to make some noises and I don’t know if it’s just me but her noises sound slightly feminine I watched videos of other irn and the males have slightly more masculine voices and the girls more feminine, I don’t k now if I’m just being silly has anyone else experienced this? So anyways we bought her with her cage that is a pretty decent size (we are planning to buy a bigger one) the cage is definitely fine in size for now though. she was on an all seed diet with fruits and vegetables I immediately began transitioning her to vetafarm nutriblend pellets which as first she was not a fan of and would only eat once her seeds ran out but I started wetting and mushing the pellets as recommended by vetafarm and she really likes them now and has also started to eat them dry in her bowl I’m still giving her the seeds and while continue to do so until she has fully transitioned to the pellets and serve the seeds very few days’ forgot to mention that she was bought already pretty tamed and was happy to be coming onto me the second day after having her she has her days were she is still a bit shy but I’m sure that is normal as were all new to her and it’s a new place oh and one question before I leave! I haven’t seen her drinking any water at all and I’ve had her for over a week now she must be drinking right? She has been having lots of juicy fruit so I guess that’s probably keeping her hydrated enough. Thankyou! I hope to make friends and get advice from other irn owners.

Re: new indian ringneck owner!

Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 11:48 am
by ringneck
High five!

Firstly, welcome to our forum! I know you'll make wonderful friends here as we have the best ringneck family around. We are all so dedicated and we strive to answer as many posts as we can. Should a questions not get answered, please feel free to use the search function towards the right. :D

I love that you're getting your Indian Ringneck's diet right. These little monsters can be such piggies eating almost anything. In fact, I love making food for my babies then watching them devour it all.

But, to answer your question, i strongly believe your ringneck is drinking when you're not looking. A week is a long time to go without water.

Welcome to our forum and we hope to hear more about you and your baby!

Best wishes, ;)


Re: new indian ringneck owner!

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 7:52 pm
thank you so much for replying, and yes she is actually loving the pellets, in my opinion diet is such an important thing especially because my little baby has still got a bit of growing and as far as i know she has been on pelllets for most of her life so i just want to give her the best nutrition so that she can develop well.

and since i first posted i have seen her drink out of her bowl twice and im sure she is doing it when i am not around to see but i am aware that birds dont need that much water and she would be getting alot of water from her fruits and vegetables aswell as the water i use to mush up her pellets with so she will eat them which is what i had to do at the start but she know eats the pellets out of her bowl along with a bit of seed.

Re: new indian ringneck owner!

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:08 am
by Riyaan
I have two alexandrines aged 2 and 2.5 months. I am feeding them cerelac. Please tell me what should I feed them.