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my bird spoke

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my bird spoke

Post by Andrearedmond » Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:01 am

My tipsy said a full sentence. He said I love you yesterday but hasn't spoke since I've only had her a month and she's still a bit wild I can just get near her now without her flapping all over as you can tell I don't know wat sex she is but I'd bet its a girl lol I don't care she is a top bird. I wanted to no if this talking is normal as man said she's three months old I don't believe this to be true but she's mine now anyway. Do you think she will speak again o I'm Andrea and I'm happy to meet you all

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Re: my bird spoke

Post by ringneck » Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:24 am

Hello Andrearedmond,

Welcome to our forum! :D

It can be so exciting to hear your ringneck speak for the first time! I remember the first time Archimedes spoke. I was reading a story to my nephew and I heard Archimedes say, "good parrot!" Quite literally, I was floored and I thought I was hearing things. Nevertheless, I started reading again and he chimed in with an excited "good parrot."

Most ringnecks go through an accelerated learning time in their life around eight months. During this time, they are picking up all kinds of vocal phrases. This is the window you should use to increase your bird's vocabulary. :D

As far as the bird being about three months old, this may be true. Some ringnecks may talk sooner than eight months. My Archimedes started around eight months, Devri around a year and a half, Osiris around the year, and Aya never learned to talk. As you can see, each bird is different and an individual. :wink:

Give your bird a treat from all of us! Congratulations! (*)

Best wishes, :wink:


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