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Post by Reddragon » Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:29 pm

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for allowing me to join your Indian Ringneck community. My name is Doug and I live Wales in a small village approximately 10 minutes West of our capital Cardiff. I have a Indian Ringneck Parakeet who is approximately 8 months old, whose name is Jazz. I came to be Jazz servant as a result of loosing my beloved budgie who was the original Jazz and who died of old age and who left such a massive hole in the lives of the whole family including my two bichions who would race each other to be the first to see him in the mornings when his cover went off and who would sing away. He died nestled in my arms in the evening and my dogs would not leave their beds the next day and spent the day mopping about. Sorry if this introduction is long winded and soppy. I have had the latest Jazz 3 weeks now and he is such a fun character who squawks in the morning if his breakfast is late etc. we were originally told he was a white mutation but from looking at him I would say he is more grey than white. It is a little difficult to say with any certaintity as when we bought him he had been out in a muddy outdoor aviary that day, his tail feathers were / are in a terrible state from the other birds in the aviary attacking him as we found some blood spots on his body when we got him home from what look like bird pecks. We were told he was a he though we have no proof of that. Other people we know have suggested taking him back to the breeder due to the poor state of his tail feathers but I would rather walk over broken glass whilst chewing on barbed wire than return him to his past life.

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Post by MissK » Mon Feb 01, 2016 4:26 pm

Welcome. Check those spots carefully. Could be bird pecks or could be parasites. Congratulations on your new bird!

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Re: Hello

Post by InTheAir » Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:01 pm

Hi and welcome. It sounds like Jazz 2 is taking over the household quite comfortably!
Young parrots do tend to have messy tails, my girl had both long ones broken/bitten off when I got her. The guy we got her from loves his birds and takes great care of them! She is a pretty rough and tumble kind of bird who gets her tail into everything!
If it is only superficial damage I wouldn't worry, if it looks like a growth deformity I'd be visiting a vet.

Keep us updated on Jazz's adventures. :)


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