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Let us know a little about yourself! Tell us about your birds and why you are here.

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Post by claudia_carlota » Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:42 pm

Hello my name is Claudia
I have a Quaker Parrot named Tomas, he is 1 year old and 9 months.
I am soon to have a blue Indian Ringneck parakeet who is about a year old.
I Went to meet the IRP on Monday, he is the most charming and charismatic bird I've ever met.
We are bringing him home in 14 days.
His name is Fito, and I would love to rename him Napoleon but I don't know if that would be wrong of me on my part.
His flight feathers aren't clipped. So I have to clip them because I don't want him getting into any danger and hurting himself.
He is one year old and he currently can fly around the house freely as he wishes. His wings have never been clipped before and I was wondering if it would be wrong of me to clip them or if I should do it for his own safety. If I clip them will he get depressed?

I just wanted to introduce myself and get that question out there.

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Re: Hello!!

Post by MissK » Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:41 pm

Hi, welcome. I would not clip. I would change the name UNLESS he already knows his own name.

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