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How to get male IRN to mate with female IRN.

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How to get male IRN to mate with female IRN.

Post by BuddyT09 » Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:36 pm

Hi everyone! My soon to be wife and I have 2 IRN's, Danny and Lily. Danny is blue & Lilly is green with blues, purple and violets. We hand raised Danny from 6 weeks of age, and he became very attached to my fiance'. Just over a year ago we got Lily for Danny, with the thought of breeding. Danny is 3yo, Lilly is 2yo. During breeding times they are very passionate but Dan doesn't quite know how to finish things off. We are lost for ideas. Lily gets very frustrated and Dan then loses interested.
At times he just wants to talk to the dog, goes down to the bottom of the cage and repeats "hello quickie", "hello quickie" non stop, until the dog moves off. He grew up with the dog and loves him too. What can we do? Any ideas? Lily and us both would be so grateful! (By the way my fiance' and I are age 68 to 72, never too young to learn!) Regards, BuddyT09.

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Re: How to get male IRN to mate with female IRN.

Post by InTheAir » Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:48 am

Hahaha our male is trying to work out that stuff too. It is dead funny to watch! He has worked out how to stand on the hens back, but he is lost for ideas after that. He has even tried feeding her while standing on her back. I don't think there is much you can do, except laugh and see if he figures it out.
Seriously, the bird has been taken from his own species at 6 weeks old and raised to be imprinted on humans for a couple years. If we were raised by dogs from 6months to 18 years old, we wouldn't be very socially adept with our own species either would we? Instinct only takes you so far....

One of our friends has a male who is about 7 or 8 years old and hasn't figured out how to do the deed. Our friend doesn't mind as she doesn't want baby parrots. Nor do I, I think there are already enough parrots in homes that don't make enough effort to meet the parrots needs. If your female is very upset with him you can give them seperate cages and that will give her some personal time to appreciate his finer qualities, female ringnecks can do damage to males if they are confined together.

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