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Help wanted real BAD!!

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Help wanted real BAD!!

Post by Abhi_dani » Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:45 am

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Hi people :D ,
My name is Abhi and Im from India and I just got my Indian Ringneck Parakeet a week back, but i have been having some serious issues with her (Emerald). You see Emerald is very scared of me. She goes to a corner of her cage when I go near it. She doesnt feed from my hand. Also I kinda feel that she is very sad and lonely in her cage. I sometimes feel like letting go of her because of the way she runs away from me. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Please please please help me. I have posted a pic of her along with the post.



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Re: Help wanted real BAD!!

Post by Donovan » Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:18 am

the cage is too small so make it a goal to get a much larger one... she won't be scared of you forever... just needs an adjustment period... and as for taking food from your hand just be patient and keep trying.. you'll have to hold the food there for a long time so she has time to think about it....

or figure out her favorite treat in the world and drop little pieces of it into her bowl... one at a time... she'll look forward to you putting your hand there to drop those treats that she'll eventually either learn to really like and trust you or to come take the treat before you have a chance to drop it...

don't expect instant success

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Re: Help wanted real BAD!!

Post by Abhi_dani » Fri Mar 28, 2014 6:58 am

HI Donovan,
The cage is indeed too small, its a makeshift cage and im going to get her a proper sized cage.

Can you by any chance estimate her age for me??


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Re: Help wanted real BAD!!

Post by tasha87 » Fri Mar 28, 2014 7:24 am

It will get better, I have 2 IRN I have been working to tame. I havent really pushed them but I work with them a little every day and jow one will take food from me and the other stopped attacking me lok. Spend time with her talk soft and offer her treats. Offer the treat before a scheduled meal hold it in the cage for awhile if she does not take it let her see you put it in her food bowl. She will catch on, these birds are so smart

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Re: Help wanted real BAD!!

Post by ranechild » Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:30 am

Remember, your bird needs to gain your trust. Remember that. Think about gaining her trust. You may offer her a delicious treat, but she doesn't know what will happen if she comes up to your hand. Eventually her tummy will tell her to give the treat a try. Still it'll take many tries for her to start to trust your hand.

Build a relationship little by little. Try not to be discouraged. Patience is a virtue.

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Re: Help wanted real BAD!!

Post by SkyeBerry » Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:01 am

Hello again. If you search the Training/Behaviour section you will discover a lot of people have to earn their bird's trust. Indian ringnecks, from what I have gathered, seem to be particularly sensitive and fearful at times. If you can place the cage so that it near you a lot and you are reading a book and watching tv - no interacting with her at all - she will start to get used to you being in her life. If you put a variety of things in a bowl, the first thing she eats will likely be preferred over all the other items in the bowl at that time.

Fresh millet sprays seem to be loved by a lot of birds. Start by putting pieces in the bowl. She will see you doing this and start to associate you with the millet. She will start hoping you are bringing her more treats. Apples are another favourite - no seeds though. Take LOTS of time. If you go too quickly, you will not have a good foundation and in the end you will likely have to start all over. If you have a time frame of when you want to be able to pick her up and cuddle, forget it!

Also try not to look at her directly for very long. Remember birds are very afraid of being preyed upon. If she is more on the timid side, until she knows you are going to be her best friend, she may be worried you are fattening her up for lunch. :wink: Keep your head turned to the side, and look at her from the corner of your eye. Talk softly to her. Slowly turn your head to look in her direction but keep your head bent down a bit. This should be less frightening to her.

Have you owned a bird before? What type/s? Try not to delay getting a larger cage. That cage may be making her feel trapped and adding to her fearfulness. In a larger cage, she will be able to move around and you will get a better idea of her need of personal space when it comes to your hands. I have read several of your posts, but do not remember if you said how old the bird is??? Do you have any history you can provide? This may help people to provide you with specific advice. I am quite new here but you will find that people here are very kind and care about not only their birds but how you do with yours.

When around Emi (love her name by the way) just assume everything you are going to do is new and scary to her. It is not you. But talk softly, tell her what you are doing and why - parrots are smart and they do start to understand you if you use the same words and phrases. This does not depend on then being able to talk. Move slowly and if she seems to start getting nervous or scared don't get upset and think she does not like you, just hold your hand still for a moment. Tell her everything is ok. She is a good bird. Give her a moment. Tell her what a wonderful thing it is you are doing etc. When she seems to relax a bit, then move your hand again. Remain slow and ready to stop again. Do your best to do anything in her cage when you are not rushed and instead have lots of time. Hope this helps.

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Re: Help wanted real BAD!!

Post by Annie » Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:27 pm

Do you have an update for us on your progress?

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Re: Help wanted real BAD!!

Post by SunniDai » Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:45 am

Can't really tell her age from the pic, but seems like her eyes look young. From what I can see :)


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