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Picking up my 4mo IRN Saturday!!! (So- CAL)

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Picking up my 4mo IRN Saturday!!! (So- CAL)

Post by pocahontas » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:52 pm

Hello FORUM regarding IRN !?!?!! I am picking up my IRN this Weekend!!! It is 4 mo old and the male or female part idk what it is but i can wait LOL .. One thing I was curious about and its the fact that i have a 30 yr old AMAZON that it will be sharing the home with, possibly the same cage IF they get along of course.. Any precautions with this bird besides the Usual ? Just curous! Also any thing i should know or be aware of that is not published online? ive been doing my research and I know there is more out there that the internet does not offer.. I am an experienced parrot owner and I do work :) !

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Re: Picking up my 4mo IRN Saturday!!! (So- CAL)

Post by Azure » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:39 am

Congrats on your new bird! :D

Most things about these birds and precautions are up, depends on your luck too.
IRN do go through a buffing stage when young, they can possibly become jealous if you interact with your other bird more, but if your lucky, the bird will be a lovely addition that you cannot live without, which is nearly always the case. I know you would probably know this already, but it doesnt hurt being cautious, some people might have more to add too.

Best of luck with your new one,
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