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Need some advice please!!

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Need some advice please!!

Post by AngRN519 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:08 am

Hi everyone I need some advice as a new IRN owner and was directed to this section of the forums! I feel helpless with my new little guy:). He's about 12 weeks old, on one feeding a day and very friendly! My questions are this: he cries whenever I go near his cage and hold him. His cries soften when I hold him but sometimes not! According to the girl I bought him from, he's eating Exact baby formula once a day but I haven't seen him eat too much of anything else she gave me. So I have fed him extra and he will only take a few bites at feeding. He bobs his head when I am holding him....someone told me that could be a sign he's not ready to wean? I hear many conflicting things and just want the best for Niko! Also, is it safe then to introduce other soft warm foods such as sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes? Does he just want to be held? But then why all the cries? Sorry for a kind of scattered post I just worry! Thanks for any information! I tried to post pictures but they won't load :(

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Re: Need some advice please!!

Post by AJPeter » Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:46 pm

Check out our forum for safe foods but not potato! Read up posts on Taming, housing, diet use the seach button there is a wealth of info at your finger tips/

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