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A young ringneck, some problems and some questions

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A young ringneck, some problems and some questions

Post by DimitrisPav » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:50 am

Hello everyone and congratulations for your great and helpful forum.
I am new here but I have been reading the threads for quite some time, since I've brought home a very young lutino Ringneck recently. According to the breeder he is now 3 and a half months old and I bought him since he was 2. So I've had him for a month and a half. However, there are some problems i would like to discuss with you and get your opinion, as they trouble me for quite some time.
First of all, I should say that he is DNA sexed and he is a male. The first days home, the area and feathers around his butt were dirty, as he had diarrhea and of course as I didn't know, I gave him apple slices all day long, which of course made things worse. When I told the breeder about that, he told me about the fruits and since then there's no diarrhea and he's almost clean. However, sometimes the poop gets stuck but fall off in an hour or so. Some days he gets completely clean. It's not a big deal, but he should be completely clean all the time and the fact that he is dirty troubles me so much, and I worry about his health. What can cause this?
Furthermore, I have noticed that he never "stands tall", if that makes sense.It's like he puts his weight forward instead of sitting vertically. Even when he walks, it's like he's crouching. I've attached some photos so you can understand what I mean (his wings are clipped he's not plucking or something). I also told the breeder about this and he told me it's a matter of age, as he will "walk and stand more proudly" when he becomes a bit older. What I'm thinking is maybe he's not growing normally.
Last question is about his food. He eats sunflower seeds basicly and some peanuts, nuts and almonds. I also give him some tiny apple and pear pieces here and there. Is that right? What else can I provide?
Please respond as I am concerned about all these. Thank you in advance.
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sanjays mummi
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Re: A young ringneck, some problems and some questions

Post by sanjays mummi » Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:17 pm

Firstly, it's Not his age, my bird was 8 weeks old and standing normally Not crouching like yours. You should get him checked out by a vet, diarrhea is not to be taken lightly, as for diet, he needs plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and cut out sunflower seeds as they are fatty. Walnuts are better. I am quite horrified to hear his wings have been clipped, especially at such a young age, It must have traumatised him.

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