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I have lots of Questions

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I have lots of Questions

Post by Raja's_mom » Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:42 pm

Hi I posted in the welcome room so if you read my post you know I love and have an fairly good knowledge about how to care for birds. My problem is I have never had a Indian ring neck and I only know what I;ve read of been told about them which is mostly negetive stuff. I really want to know what the possitive side of haveing a Ringneck own you is like. Ilove all birds and I know that I just love my new baby to bits. He's 12 weeks old and very beautiful and I want to know what to expect while he's growing up and how to deal with some of the problems that I'm going to have with him . Like what does the bluffing stage consist of and how do I deal with it. Do I just let him bite me until he decides he doesn't want to anymore or are there other things I can do to get him over this stage faster? And Do all Indian Ringnecks go through this stage or do some bypass it completly or just go through it for a little bit I really need to know what to expect from him so I can be prepared.

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Post by Amazonite » Sun Jul 27, 2008 4:30 pm

Every IRN is different from anothe IRN just like children, my boy did the bluffing stage at bout 14 weeks old, we just let him get over it, and told him no every time he went to bite, we also didnt scare from him when he went to bite and didnt yell at him when he did it, his bluffing lastest bout 3 weeks he did do it again when he was about 6 mths old and we just did the same thing, then again our boy never had a cage till he was 1 year old he was always round the house on his gym and that is where he slept so it depends on how you bring your IRN up
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