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Need your advice for interesting questions.

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Need your advice for interesting questions.

Post by Drara » Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:02 pm

Hi everyone.

I am very new to this Forum but I'm certainly not new to being a parrot owner and I'm not new to Indian ringnecks neither. I used to have an Alexandrine parrot and a green Indian ringneck in the past (I don't own any parrot currently).

Now I would like to get a blue or yellow (Lutino) ringneck, but I got a few important questions that I would appreciate your answers and your help.

I believe that the following questions might help many others, since I'm about to cover few different aspects:

1. Main and most important question:
I am a journalist and my work requires me to be out of home for many hours and I live on my own.
Although that many days I would leave home late like on 12 or 1 midday, I can sometimes come back home late at night and be out until 1 or 2 O'clock at night.

I have read a lot specifically about Indian ringnecks that they are considered to be quite independent unlike other parrots who require lots of attention. I am well aware that even an Indian ringneck needs a fair amount of attention, and I will certainly share time with the parrot before I leave home and when I arrive back home (and on Weekends I am home all the time).

Considering my way of life, do you think he will do OK being left alone for long hours (with lots of toys of course etc...)?
Is it true that Indian ringnecks are more independent and require less time or leaving them alone for many hours during the day will ruin their being hand feed?

2. I currently reside in a country where Indian ringnecks have invaded the place and we have Indian ringnecks all around the country like you would see regular birds and crows flying around.
I remember that when I last had an Indian ringneck, when ever he heard the voices and screaming of ringnecks on the street, he used to start calling them and it seemed like as if he was wishing to be free like them and would wanna fly away together with them.

Do you think that owning a ringneck in a country where they flock outside on the streets would affect owning one in captivity? meaning, that he might not get connected good enough with me because of him hearing the others outside?

3. Is there any difference between a regular green ringneck or a blue/yellow mutation in terms of being a great captive parrot? would a blue or lutino ringneck make a better choice as a home parrot or all ringnecks are the same?

I would appreciate the response of those who have the most experience and in particular considering my situation.
(Please respond according to the number of question)

Thank you so much

sanjays mummi
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Re: Need your advice for interesting questions.

Post by sanjays mummi » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:56 am

Personally I would never leave my bird home alone for twelve hours, they are flock animals, and love companionship.
Saying that one colour is better than another, is like saying a golden fawn Boxer dog is better temperament wise than a Brindle, it's down to the owners handling and treatment, a well adjusted IRN is one whom is understood, bonded to it's owner, and treated with kindness and respect.

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