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what is this site coming to

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what is this site coming to

Post by alana8819 » Wed May 07, 2008 5:33 am

i have just come back on after some time and i can not believe the bickering going on i am appalled this site helped me to no ends with cookie and has been a well of knowledge and it saddens me to come back on here and find constant bickering in the threads, even in threads where people have lost their babies. if i was a new ringneck owner i would never come on to this site for the fear of being ridiculed and causing an argument, this is supposed to be a site where people can turn in a time of need to get advice and support and quite frankly i am ashamed to have referred people to this website for help after reading some of the recent threads. please stop the bickering or there will be ringneck owners out there looking for help and support and this site should be able to provide it without making people feel like they are not welcome.

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Oliver and Justin
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Post by Oliver and Justin » Wed May 07, 2008 1:50 pm

I agree exactly with what you say.

And it seems like when I try and ask for help, I just got completely attacked and said i wasnt a all this and that.

It made me never what to come on here again.
People on here can be real jerks.

Everyone just needs to be friendly.

Cuase if you have noticed. Not nearly many people are on here as there used to be. :?

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Post by ryelle » Thu May 08, 2008 5:40 am

[url]if i was a new ringneck owner i would never come on to this site for the fear of being ridiculed and causing an argument[/url]

well, id just like to say that this hasnt just arisen recently. when i first joined i was terrified of posting anything because as you say, for fear of being ridiculed. I read a lot of posts before i actually joined and all i could see was ridicule and bad criticism. People ask for advice and get shot down by half the members in here, im not naming names, but there is a lot of regulars on here who only criticise what your doing instead of giving actual advice. i dont mention HALF of what happens between me and my fid because of this, and i feel like i have to watch how i word stuff incase people start having a go.

so, because of recent arguments (of which i can really only see one).. i personally dont think it would make ANY difference at all to new people, because they are going to read the bad stuff anyway! too many people have to defend what they have said, when they seriously shouldnt have to. we all make mistakes!!

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