Keep more than one IRN pet birds

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Keep more than one IRN pet birds

Postby Mauee » Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:14 pm

Hi -

I have a variety of other parrots that live in pairs as aviary birds. I have one IRN albino female that is our pet in the house bird. She is especially attached to my daughter. She is a lovely little companion bird and our only IRN. I am so impressed by her beauty and personality that I am thinking about getting another.

But....I worry that if we get a second bird our little albino will not be as nice a pet. Let me know what you think - any advice? Thank you.

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Re: Keep more than one IRN pet birds

Postby MissK » Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:21 pm

My Ringneck experience is limited to two adult males. However, I note that my first bird's behaviour was changed only in the way that it is now very hard to get his attention when he is loose with the second bird. I must also note that since the second bird arrived, there has been NO reduction in the first bird's socialization process. I mention that because I think it is equally important to consider. The second bird has adjusted (over time) to living in my house and what goes on here, but his socialization process is very slow. I feel this is mainly due to the minimal effort I make to "tame" him. Still, with my very laid back approach, he has managed some progress, and I'm proud of him. I mention that because he came in untame and I feel the presence of the other bird has not compromised his progress either.

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