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Post by Achilles&Percy » Fri May 02, 2014 4:23 am

I've looked around the forum and can't seem to find any info on nail trimming. A couple months ago Deb and I trimmed their nails but we just sorta snipped off the tips. I was afraid to trim them too short and have them bleeding. Is their a rule of thumb about how short to cut them and is a regular nail clipper the proper tool to use?

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Re: Nails

Post by clawnz » Fri May 02, 2014 1:03 pm

Finding a guide to how far to clip a nail back
First, would be why do you feel a need to clip?
Is it because they are over grown, because they scratch your skin when they are on you, because you see them getting caught up on things, or deformed feet where the nails do not get worn down by natural means.
If it is because of scratching then you can use a file or small grinder designed for small nails.
If over grown, then the treatment gets interesting.
I have worked with a number of birds that have had foot deformity and due to this their nails grow long and can grow back into the flesh.
With these I clip as hard as I dare each time and will repeat the clipping every 4/6weeks. Once you clip it take awhile for the quick to retreat enough to be able to clip again.
With any clipping you need to be set up to deal with any bleeding from the quick if you do catch one.
Clear nails you can see the quick. Dark nails you cannot.
If a bird keep growing nails that seem to be overly long, I would start looking for a reason why!

I have debated the use of flat human nail clippers on a few forums. And taken a bit of flack for what I have had to say.
Correct clippers are designed for round nails Flat clippers are designed for flat nails. This is for good reasons.
The flat nail clippers tend to crush the round nail and can cause cracking of the nail. This in turn could lead to infection setting in.

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Re: Nails

Post by Melika » Wed May 07, 2014 7:41 am

Here is a decent article about nail clipping:

Hane has many different perches including the one that seemed to make the most difference, the Sandwalk perch by Polly's Pet Products. I used a concrete perch before but didn't like how cold it was all the time. The sandwalk perch has a wooden core and is very gentle even on skin.
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