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HELP:5 week old ringneck loosing all its feathers.

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HELP:5 week old ringneck loosing all its feathers.

Post by Pappagall » Tue May 25, 2010 7:19 am

Recently I bought 2 baby ringnecks which I am handfeeding.They are both very healthy,lively and do not seem to be sick at all.Last night while I was giving them the last feed I notice that a primary feather fell from one of its wings but since it was only one feather I did not care much.This morning when i woke up I found out all its wing feathers,tail feathers and even feathers on its back fell off.He still is very lively and constantly trying to fly(although with no feathers).It seems like his feathers lost strength and could be easily pulled out even when I pet him feathers fall off.Pls can someone tell me what could be the cause?I think that he is either moulting(not sure about it since he is very young),either he needs calcium and in my opinion the most probable cause could be that there was a lot of humidity in the brooder which may have caused him fungus or something like that.The other chick is normal and very healthy.I have sucessfully raised another clutch with no problems.Any help appreciated.Thanks

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Re: HELP:5 week old ringneck loosing all its feathers.

Post by smallworld » Tue May 25, 2010 8:45 am

Are both chicks affected? French moult sounds likely. Of course PBFD, thyroid disease, liver disease etc etc could all be probable causes. The list of diseases that lead to feather loss is too long.. If its an infectious disease, the reason why only one bird is affected and not the other, could be due to a weak immune system. The stress of transport and relocation could have played a role in weakening the immunity of the bird.

Anyway, before he loses his enthusiasm for life, get him to an avian vet. This is a forum and though we can try, a diagnosis and treatment is relatively tough in acute situations.

I would, if he were my bird, take him to an avian vet asap.

Best of Luck to you and the little one! I wish him all the best.

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