Cremino Indian ringneck with a timneh African grey

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Cremino Indian ringneck with a timneh African grey

Postby christopherab » Thu May 11, 2017 6:54 am

I currently have a 7 week old Indian ringneck parrot and I was wondering if it would be a good companion to my 3 month old timneh African grey, I have two separate cages and lots of toys for each to play with. Any advice on how I can get the two to bond and not fight with each other.

Ps I have not received the timneh just yet it is still being weaned but I do have a bond with it because I visit it every day at my local parrot store for at least an hour. I would really love for the two to get along with each other and any training tips or other type of advice is much appreciated! Oh yeah, my ringneck is still being hand fed now but by the time I get my African grey it will be on pellets.

Also, a little off topic, what are some of the first things to train my baby ringneck, it is the sweetest little thing and loves to be held, at 7 weeks it already knows to step up I just need to know what's next!!!

Thank you all!!! :-bd

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