Indian ring chick voice change?

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Indian ring chick voice change?

Postby Krazzenz » Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:02 am

Hi there everyone !! I have 40 day old irn chick very active has no sign of illness it usually cries alot for food but recently his voice changed (the crying voice) it used to be high piched now its slow n dull like something is stuck in throat or nose or something also i try to message its neck to see if anything is stuck (i give him kt or cerelac food) (his pooping good too) but his crying voice is very low pitch or remains the same this has been for 4 days also he wiggles his head alot sort of sneezing behaviour whats up with that ? For now the chick ask n eats its food like a healthy bird walks around n plays too please if anyone knows what has happened to it can tell me this is my 1st time having an irn chick

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