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Please Help! Any Advice is Welcome!

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:25 am
by Teresartist
I have had my blue Indian Ringneck Parrot for less than a year. He was a rescue bird. I believe he is about 17 years old. He was so very sweet for about seven months, but now I believe he is going through a bluffing stage. It seemed to happen overnight, but it has continued for more than a month. He is moody, he lunges and acts as though he will bite- even when I am just feeding him. It makes me sad, because he used to be so friendly and I don't know why he changed so suddenly. I read about a bluffing stage that birds go through during adolescence, but if he is really 17 years old, then what else could this be and what do you think I should do?... Any advice would be appreciated!