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looking to adopt a friend for my bird.

A section for ringneck adoption or rehoming.

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looking to adopt a friend for my bird.

Post by Fidgit_Green » Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:07 pm

Hi everyone.

My name is Paul and i and posting this to see if anyone knows of a male Ringneck that needs a new home. but he needs to be handle-able.
Less than a year ago, we adopted a young Ringneck to be a friend for my little man Fidgit. unfortunately just a couple months after we got "Buddy"
my mate Fidgit passed away, only 6yrs old.
its coming up about six months now since he passed and it has been getting very obvious that Buddy is lonely and is aching for a friend.
so i now have the issue of finding an appropriate friend for him but i dont want to get another baby because buddy is to old and a little bossy
that i worry he could injure a baby, and i dont want to get a female as i have heard they can be a bit temperamental, and the whole family likes to spend time with buddy, including two disabled 3yr olds, so we cant have a nippy bird.
I built an aviary for Fidgit and Buddy, but unfortunately Fidgit passed before i finished so he never got the chance to enjoy it, but buddy loves it.
buddy gets brought inside at night and is taken outside to the aviary during the day, so any friend i get him will need to be handled, at least to the point that they will step-up so they can be put in the smaller cage for bed time.
we did consider the option of a different breed of close to similar size and compatible nature, but seeing that we are not really bird people and apart from a budgie many years ago we only really know Ringnecks and understand their food requirements and behavioural needs from having our own the last few years, so we figure it would be best for us and the bird that we adopt that getting another male Ringneck would be the best option.

we would appreciate if anyone knows of a bird in need of a new home or if you could point us in the direction of somewhere to adopt a bird in need.
we are also open to any advice you feel like sharing and appreciate you taking the time to read our post.
Thank you very much.

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