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Hotter Weather...Salad Time

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Hotter Weather...Salad Time

Post by Amazonite » Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:53 pm

I thought i would share a meal i prepared for Amazon and Rascal (my bunnie) tonight.

I decided to make a salad for dinner and Amazon decided to climb onto the beach and try adn get some, so i put lettuce, tomato, cheese (a little bit) carrot, beetroot and cucumber they both dug into it really fast and Amazon is still eating it, he loving his salad dinner.
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Post by Lauren » Wed Nov 21, 2007 2:44 am

:D Love this time of year, all the good fruits and vegies come into season. I get cravings for salads! Yum!
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Post by Melika » Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:19 am

Our birds are eating salad breakfasts! :o Ingredients change every day. Today it's romaine lettuce, crook-necked squash, carrots, bananna (a little bit, I ate the rest with my breakfast :D ), and some soak-and-simmer bean mix (a teaspoon each) on top.

Yesterday was I think their first time having tomato. :shock: They loved it! I only give them a tiny bit though. I think it's because years ago I read something about tomatoes having too much acid for little birdie tummies to handle. So that's why they had never had any until now. Even still, I couldn't give them more than a little. Weird how ideas kinda hang on like that... :?

Anyone else ever try Volkman bean mixes? I've been trying it for the past month (soak and simmer) and I really like it. Waaaaay cheaper than other mixes- and no pasta! What's more, the birds are CRAZY for it. :D

Kira (my sister) complains that Tsume is getting fat. So we're sure to do our exercising each day to prevent that. Though, I thought Tsume was always a little on the thin side... :roll:

Edit: next time I'll try to make a design with my smileys, LOL!
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