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new, hopefully 'forever' cage

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2006 3:40 am
by ambros1a
yay! im so happy, last night, won a cage off ebay for baby, hoping that it will be both big enough and sturdy enough for many years to come.
what do u guys think? we checked all the cages around for the last few weeks, this should give her plenty of space to run/dance along her nice new fat perch :D this is the only pic i have right now, will post more when it actually arrives lol

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:37 pm
by ambros1a
well, the cage arrived yesterday, my partner put most of it together b4 he came to work, and i finished it when i got home. :D

1 thing though... shes 'fraid of it... :shock: :? yet another thing.
same with some red things.. like the red on the playground i got her (ive since resold it to a friend at work with a 'teil)

the new cage is so damn big! like wow, i could fit 5-6 of her current cage in it, and prolly still have space!! weve left it in the loung room, other side of the room from where her small cage sits during the day, so she can look at it, however, she seems to not want to come out now.. lately as soon as the doors open, shes out and running around her area, today tho, forget it. she came out for a few mins with me this morning, then i went back to bed, and shes been in since.

i walked her past the new cage a few times this morning, slowly, to let her have a look and get used to it, if i stood infront if it with my back to it, and her on my shoulder, she would walk onto my chest or arms in front of me, and sit there, where she could barely see the big monster shes afraid of eating her.

long and short of this post being, if anyone has any ideas on gettin her more comfortable with this new monster, sooner the better, coz this cage kicks ****!

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 4:52 am
by Mikaela
Love it!

Put it by her old cage so she can explore each. She will take to the bigger cage but might chose to sleep in her baby cage for a few more nights.

Being afraid of a playgym or new home is very normal. Im more pushy so I would toy it up and put her in there. Make her realize 'this is so much better'.

Im pushy with my babies though because I have to keep them in line or Daddy will be really mad.

Not everyone likes birds. Or well, animals... or people. I tend to lean toward a dislike of people. Never met an animal I didnt like.

Truth hurts but I aint neva been scared to preach it. :wink: