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Zephyr is a fatty!

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Zephyr is a fatty!

Post by Bobbijo2354 » Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:08 am

Ok, so I just got some accurate scales, to weigh my new baby Green Cheek Conure (to make sure he has a healthy weight gain, as I am handrearing) and I though it couldn't hurt to weigh Zephyr my 12 month old Blue IRN....

Well to my shock, Zephyrs weight has fluctuated between 130g and 150g in the last few days, which from what I understand is pretty significantly over a healthy weight range for a Ringneck!

He eats mostly fruit and vegetables, with a little bit of seed here and there (mostly sprouted seed, but some dry) and only gets the occasional treat (usually my pasta at lunchtime, or some toast/cereal at breakfast, sometime airpopped pocorn, without butter or salt, and will occasionally have some cooked vege from my dinner [but not from my plate, he is way too bossy for that!]) I can't think of anything that he gets that is overly unhealthy, and all unhealthy treats he only gets in moderation.

He is free flighted, and spends most of his day out of the cage, flying laps around the house (he is an excellent flier, and will fly to where he wants to be most of the time rather than walk). He plays with toys constantly when he is in his cage, and climbs up and down, and if he is impatient for a fly he will pace up and down his perch till he gets let out.

Basically, he eats healthy, the flys alot and is really active (and noisy :P), but he is still overwieght. Could it be that he is just getting too much to eat? Or do you think it is something else? Maybe I need to cut his portion size!

Any advice would be appreciated.

Bobbijo, Zephyr and Neptune.

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Re: Zephyr is a fatty!

Post by stv217 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:29 am

Are you consistent in weighing him? Because they are so small, the difference in weighing a bird before he eats and after he eats can be great. Also, if he hasn't been eating in awhile and goes to the bathroom alot, that will also cause a drop in weight.

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