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Ringneck avoid human interaction

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Ringneck avoid human interaction

Post by Cangrejera1999 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:26 pm

I am desperate, Pushy my ringneck doesnt like me.
I bought it about three months ago, not sure how old it is but she looks young based on the feet and beak. They told me she was a few months old. Anyhow I took her home have it in a big cage took her out daily and she continue to bite me and try to get away so I stop trying. Two weeks later a try taking her out by now she would get on my finger and brought her with me to the bathroom which she seems to enjoy because she get to perch on flower arrengements. But after all this time she still doesnt want human touch and she is getting hurt trying to get away, her long tail is gone by now and she lands on the floor and pretty much everywhere she can hide. I try giving her natural treats, hang a swing or two even a mirror so she doesnt feel bored. And the worst lately she is loosing so much feathers. I am a lovely person I love animals she is not my first bird but I dont know what to do. The only thing that tells me she likes me is that when I get home and I dont go to her cage right away she starts screaming until I address her by her name and repeat a couple frases I am teaching her.
Anyone knows what could be going on?
Thank you.

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